TravelClef Complete Ukulele Beginner's Guide

In this guide, you will learn:

- How to hold the Ukulele - How to tune the Ukulele - How to read a chord diagram - Play 3 basic chords: C, F, G - Play songs like Wonderful Tonight, Chasing Cars etc. 

Exclusive $40 Ukulele Discount included with this guide!

Download your Beginner's Guide below:

Who are we?

TravelClef is a music school in Singapore, whose mission is to spread the joy of playing music.

Our music courses are specially designed for beginners with ZERO music background and we guarantee they will be able to play in just 2 hours!

We have taught thousands of students since 2011.

 Now, we want to further spread the joy of playing music to more people through this beginner's guide!

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