Music Workshops for Everyone

Bringing Music closer to YOU!

As a traveling music school, we always pride ourselves in making music easy and convenient for everyone. And now, learning music with us just got easier!

Introducing our new branch at Stadium MRT! Located just outside of Exit A of the mrt, you can come and join our music workshops, and even try out our musical instruments on the spot!

And don't be shy to approach our friendly staffs! We are more than happy to help you out with your queries. 😊

get a free instrument with your workshop

Fulfil your dream of playing music today.

Our stadium branch will be offering our most popular workshops, as well as new kinds of workshops to help you fulfil your dream of playing music.

Ukulele Passport Workshop

Our most popular music workshop! Perfect for anyone with zero music knowledge.  

We named it the Ukulele Passport Workshop (UPW) because after attending our 2 hours session, you will possess the passport to enter the World of Music.

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Keyboard Beginner Workshop

Learning the keyboard made easy! In just 3 hours, you will learn the foundations of the keyboard and chords to play familiar songs, even with no music background!

Our teaching style is to get you comfortable with playing songs in the keyboard first. When you are ready to learn more, we will go through the techniques and theories that will help you master the keyboard!

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Guitar Learning Odyssey Workshop

Learn the basics of the Guitar in just 3 hours!

We named it the Guitar Learning Odyssey Workshop (G.L.O.W) because here at TravelClef, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and we hope we can help you kickstart your very own musical odyssey. (Odyssey = epic journey)

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Cajon Foundation Workshop

Intimidated by musical notation and chords? Then the Cajon is perfect for you to start your music journey!

The Cajon is a travel-friendly pecussion that can fit in with almost any other instruments out there! Learn how to play the Cajon in just 2 hours, and master the intricate beats and rhythm that makes the crowd goes wild!

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Get a FREE instrument with your music workshop!

To help you kickstart your music journey, we are giving away FREE instruments for the first 50 people that sign up for selected workshops/packages. Find out how you can get this offer:

get a free instrument with your workshop